2023 Speaker Dr. Christopher Seubert, Ford, Gives Early Insights

Ahead of the 2023 event, event producer Ashli Speed discussed the upcoming event with speaker Dr. Christopher Seubert, Research Engineer at Ford Research and Innovation Center. Christopher is presenting on Ultrasonic High Transfer Efficiency Paint Applicators for the Automotive Industry.

You have been involved in Smithers Pigments Color Science Forum for a number of years as an advisory board member and this year as a presenter can you tell us why you continue to support this event? What makes Smithers Pigments different from other industry events?

This conference brings together a range of industries to discuss how the pigments industry affects our specific technology areas and how we can work together to achieve our common goals.

What industry challenges does this meeting help to address?

It gives end users a look at the technological and financial challenges that the pigments industry is facing.

What are you most looking forward to at Pigments this year?

New and unique presentations from academics and end users.

What is the benefit in co-locating The Pigments Color Science Forum with the TiO2 World Summit?

Combining the conferences brings more people together with new ideas that can span across both technology areas.

What do you hope will be the take away from your presentation Ultrasonic High Transfer Efficiency Paint Applicators for the Automotive Industry?

I hope to inform the pigment community about the changes occurring in the automotive and transportation industry and answer any questions the attendees may have.