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Just some of the presentations confirmed for this year's agenda include:

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Explore the “New Black” for Endless Possibilities in OEM Styling

For the past twenty years, the color black has always been on the top of the automotive vehicle color popularity list. However, it is always presented a challenge to add effect to black without shifting the shade of the color. Black sparkle is what all color designers dream for… Introducing the “new black” effect pigment, which is based on aluminum oxide platelets. This will open a door of new possibilities of intense darkens with bluish black metallic sparkles to the black OEM styling

Presented by: Wei Liu, Senior Technical Manager for Automotive Coatings, Americas, EMD Electronics

Wall Street Overview for TiO2

From the perspective of the equity market, we will provide an overview of our industry detailing some of the macro factors that impact our coverage. We'll dive into the TiO2 landscape discussion to explain the financials and characteristics of the key players. We'll close with our expectations of market dynamics factoring feedstock and TiO2 supply/demand.

Co-presented by:
Aziza Gazieva, Vice President, Fermium Research
Frank J. Mitsch, Senior Managing Director, Fermium Research

Additional Confirmed Presentations:

Automotive Digital Styling Advances in Color Rendering

Automotive Styling is an inspirational and intensely personal journey for OEM designers, which is supported by coatings manufacturers, like PPG. PPG traditionally uses informational tools like color trending, color forecasting, and color visualization through the use of physical samples to collaborate with OEM designers. With the onset of COVID-19, the traditional ways of working were no longer possible. This is the story of how PPG is utilizing technology in color rendering into a holistic experience that keeps the inspiration and personality of individual relationships in Styling, while remaining physically remote, and earning a sustainability benefit along the way

Presented by: Jeff McNaught, Color Development Chemist, PPG

Titanium Dioxide Use in Cosmetics: A Global Regulatory Outlook

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been used in cosmetic and personal care products for decades. It's use as a color additive and sunscreen active ingredient has made it a critical component in a range of formulations. As a color additive, TiO2 is regulated globally with region-specific requirements for purity and specifications. US and EU specifications and test methods diverge, as well as customer specific requirements, leading to a complex market environment. Effect pigments, being regulated as mixtures of TiO2 and other cosmetic additives, represent an additional challenge. In recent years, the regulation and use of Titanium dioxide has received additional attention, particularly in the EU; with an increasing amount of influence on the cosmetic market dynamics and consumer perception. The complexities of the use of titanium dioxide in cosmetic products meet at the juncture of regulation, toxicology and marketing. During this presentation, an overview of the global regulatory outlook for Titanium dioxide will be presented. An emphasis will be placed on the most current topics and industry challenges that will likely influence the continued use of Titanium dioxide in cosmetic formulations.

Presented by: Dr Amy Ethier, Regulatory Affairs Manager, BASF Colors and Effects

Ensuring Raw Material Traceability & Purity in Consumer Products Through Supplier Collaborations

Procter & Gamble has always been focused on ensuring that the products we manufacture and sell meet the demanding needs of our consumers and are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and processes available today. With the increasing need for product ingredient transparency coupled with advances in analytical techniques, consumer advocacy groups and NGO’s have the tools available to them today that enable detection of impurities down to the part per trillion level. We will highlight some collaborations made with our raw material suppliers in our Baby Care business to ensure we continue to meet or exceed these standards for printed goods and demonstrate how P&G is addressing these concerns going forward.

Presented by: Nicholas Vetter, Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble Baby Care

Pigment Highlights in the Covid & Post-Covid Era

This Presentation will cover:

  • Assessment of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic & estimated timing of economic recovery
  • Rising influence of other factors: climate change, sustainable development, health & safety
  • Importance of pigments
  • Trends in pigment end-use applications
  • Innovations & technological advances
  • The world of TiO2 & coloured pigments in 2030
  • Recent events in the pigment & allied industries
  • Impact of legislation

Presented by: Reg Adams, Chief Executive, Artikol Ltd., UK 

TiO2 Feedstock For the Future

The appetite for investment in increased supply of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) feedstock is evidently closely tied to the demand for production of TiO2 pigment, and to its growth outlook. But TiO2 feedstocks for the two different pigment production routes, the SP (sulfate) and the CP (chloride) processes, are not entirely interchangeable.This presentation will discuss the key points to consider for investing in new feedstock supply to support pigment production, or inversely, the opportunity to expand pigment capacity depending on available ore and enriched feedstock. 

Presented by: Dr. Karin Tynelius, Director, Market Intelligence, MINERAL MARKETS

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